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Name:Constable Auxin Fiddyment
Auxin Fiddyment always knew one thing for certain: that he didn't want to become a greengrocer.

He was born in a small house on the Sto Plains, well known for its cabbages, but at an early age the family moved to Ankh-Morpork, to make their fortune. His father set up Fiddyment's Finest fruit and vegetables, in a rather rough area of The Shades, to cater for the poorest and hungriest of Ankh-Morpork's citizens.

Auxin would quite like to have been book smart. But the family could only afford to send one of their children to school, so his older brother Herb got to go, as the future head of the business. He thought about joining the church, until that rather embarrassing incident involving Offler the crocodile God and the vegetarian sausage. And his father wouldn't dream of him joining any sort of guild...

Until one day, everything changed.

Now Auxin Fiddyment is a raw recruit in the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, and he's just a tiny bit terrified.

Fiddyment has no first name in canon*, and appears as a minor human watchman in The Truth. He makes three appearances; he threatens to arrest a man trying to jump off a building for 'Interfering with the mercantile well-being of the city', he escorts William de Worde to a crime scene, and he drops by the newspaper office to offer the team some information. He is a constable by the time of The Truth.

Auxin is determined but a little bit awkward, like most teenage boys and new recruits. He's brave when the time comes, though he doesn't always feel brave. He is more than a little in awe of his seniors at the watch. He sometimes tends to be a bit of a loner, largely due to not having gone to school and not having had a lot of time to hang out with friends.
He is more business-minded than he would like to admit, and is more shrewd at trading or selling than most kids his age. He also knows far more about vegetables than he'd like.
If gyms were a thing in Ankh-Morpork, he would be a gym rat; as it is, he trains privately at home using the crates of vegetables.

Appearance and noticeable features
Canon specifies only human and male.
Millicanon - At the time of first entry, Auxin is sixteen years old, tall and lanky but with some evidence of trying to train muscle. He looks slightly underfed for his height, like his mother cuts his hair for him (true) and at times wears a slightly dopey expression.

Home Life
Auxin lives with his parents and older brother - Herb (18), and younger brothers Algae (14) and Root (9). They live in the Shades, the poorest and roughest area of Ankh-Morpork. They are not well off.

[Disclaimer: Lance-Constable Fiddyment is from the Terry Pratchett Novell The Truth and appears here solely for role playing purposes in [community profile] milliways_bar from which no profit is made]

[*For the non-scientists: Auxin - pronounced like orcs-in - is a reference to the plant hormone that controls how fast a plant grows. When you prune a plant shoot from getting any taller, it grows outwards.
In millicanon, the name arises because Mrs Fiddyment saw it written down somewhere and, like many mothers on the Disc, thought it sounded like a nice sophisticated name for a boy.]

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